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Reunion 1997 in Monticello

Opening Remarks by Marianne Muellerleile

Well, before I say anything, I must say, I am delighted to see you. Dreams do come true.
Most of us have our own particular history with our SURNAME. And the first bit of it usually starts when you have to learn how to spell it. That was easy in my house. Around 3 years of age my older sisters sat me on my Grandma's sofa and said "(sing) MUELLERLEILE". After about three rounds of that, I had it. Of course it wasn't until I hit first grade that I could actually spell my name without singing it.
Growing up in St Louis the name was pretty unusual. Just my family and my uncle's family were listed in the phone book. Nothing else came near it. My Mom always said that was fine with her. "At least it's not strewn all over the phone book", she often quipped
We also had the advantage of my Dad being a kinda big shot in the local sports scene. So many people could SAY Muellerleile but very few could spell it
It wasn't until years later that my nephew John pointed out that every third letter is an E. That little bit of information has helped immeasurably. All those people in my life who have to write my name over and over have used that as a life saver, well certainly a TIME saver ... agents, casting directors, publicists, doctors assistants, etc.
Which brings me what it was like when I started out as an actor. My agents wasn't too thrilled with my last name. "You gotta change it, hon, I mean come on ... who can say it, let alone spell it"-"Boobala, listen ta me, lose the name, it doesn't work." But my name, in one very real sense, was ME, and I just couldn't change THAT.
I've been an actor for 24 years now and my agents like to brag that they represent the BIGGEST name in show business. It's a good line and it works for me.

It's also nice that when you see my name in print, 99% of the time it is spelled correctly. That probably has more to do with the fact that should it NOT be spelled correctly, the producer has to pay me a fine, rather than some respect for me, but that works for me too.
I want to take a moment to recognize all the female Müllerleile descendants who when they married, like me, they DID NOT change their name - please stand - Jeanne Muellerleile, Mary Ann Mullerleile, Joan Muellerleile - any others? (Round of applause) I also want to note that the two of us who have had children, Jeanne and Mary, used their surname as the middle name for their kids, and those children are here - please stand Allison Muellerleile Nappe and Karl Michael Mullerleile Woodall (round of applause).
TIIAT'S pride in family. And THAT'S what we're about this weekend.
In spite of all the technological advances in the last hundred years-cell phones, E-mail, and satellite dishes-everything meant to bring us closer together - the sad fact is that the nuclear family is practically extinct.
A family reunion is our way back to times gone by, when aunts, uncles, godparents and grandparents were part of the fabric of everyday life. We're here to recapture the warmth and nurturing of olden times. We want to hear the family stories, share the love, listen to advice and inhale the wisdom.
We've also come to find out who we are. What kind of stock do we come from? Can we see any family resemblance or share any family traits? We've come because we are proud of our shared heritage.
I sincerely thank each of you for attending. I hope this weekend is filled with fun, laughter, and wonderful memories. I also hope you'll want to do it again sometime. Maintaining a family takes nurturing and cherishing. Ours is worth the effort
Thank you again, for coming.